Book Review: The Whispering Wind by Lexa Dudley

The Whispering Wind: A stunning portrait of an island as well as a passionate love story…

A finalist in the Indie Book Awards, The Whispering Wind hooked me immediately with it’s beautiful descriptive writing and well developed characters.

whispering windThe Whispering Wind is the story of two lovers, Elise and Beppe, set on the beautiful island of Sardinia. Elise visits the island on holiday in a bid to escape her violent husband. Whilst there, she meets and falls in love with local Sard, Beppe. But can the young couple overcome religious and cultural issues to be together?

It is at once a passionate and beautifully crafted love story and at the same time a tribute to the glorious island of Sardinia.

This book will have broad appeal among lovers of both romance and travel writing; bringing back many memories for those who have visited the island.

I particularly enjoyed the beautiful descriptions of Sardinia, it’s history, people, customs and culture, as we are taken on a virtual tour of the island. But the love story is also pacey and compelling.

The carefully crafted detail contained in the narrative, transports you directly to Sardinia as you read; you can almost feel the heat and smell the peach blossom. From the first paragraph of the book you are taken on holiday with Elise as she rediscovers herself through travel:

A gentle breeze fluttered through the peach grove, but gave no respite from the midday sun. The rows of peach and lemon trees offered no shade, and the branches of the tall cypress trees surrounding the orchard seemed to trap and intensify the relentless rays, creating an overwhelming heat that pervaded everything. Only the strident call of the cicadas broke the unnerving quiet that descended over the parched land.”

It is clear that the author has a deep love of Sardinia and has researched the book well.

The island is now well and truly on my list of places to visit thanks to this book.

Thank you to Lexa Dudley for providing a review copy of the book.

Get your own copy of The Whispering Wind: Two Lives, One Heartbreaking Story.

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