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A Finalist’s View of the UK Blog Awards

In just three years, the UK Blog Awards have grown to become the premier event in the British blogging calendar. I was thrilled that my blog was recognised as a finalist in 2016 in the brand new Green & Eco category, and went along to the awards ceremony in London to see the winners announced. Here is my finalist’s account of the event, including the big results!

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And for my next trip…

As I pack for my next trip,  I have to confess to being particularly excited. I’m off to north east Finland to see the European Brown Bear (Ursus arctos) in it’s natural habitat.

In some parts of the world, bears get a bad press. They are powerful and impressive creatures, that can be dangerous and disruptive, sometimes responsible for attacks on people and livestock.

But this sparsely-populated area of Finland near the Russian border offers great opportunities to view them behaving naturally in the wild, away from human interference, and in a responsible way.

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Marrakech: City of Contrasts & Gateway to the Atlas

As the sun began to set over the reddish-pink roof tops of the Medina, the warm still air was suddenly broken by the haunting yet lyrical voice of the first muezzin as he began his call to prayer.

As if prompted by this bold interruption, other voices began to rise and fall around us, competing in an extraordinary amplified chorus of imperfect simultaneity.

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