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Sustainable Learning Adventure Launch

A new sustainable learning adventure due to launch this July, will offer guests the opportunity to learn through experience how to build sustainable communities, on location in the rain-forests and eco-villages of Costa Rica.

Upward Spirals, a social benefit organisation which recently opened the world’s first Solution Centre in southern Costa Rica, is now introducing The Sustainable Living Expedition.

A sustainable learning adventure

Guests on this seven-day experiential sustainable learning adventure will tour projects with both innovative and low tech systems of organic food production, renewable energy generation, natural building, food forestry, education and regenerative community development.

Sustainable learning adventure | Amanda's Wanderlust

Through a combination of site visits, workshops, and making expert connections, The Sustainable Living Expedition will help people become more sustainable both as individuals, and as members of a wider community.

The aim is for visitors to leave feeling empowered to go back to their own regions of the world and work towards building sustainable communities at home.

According to Upward Spirals’ co-founder Eric Baudry:

Personal sustainability is the first step towards building truly sustainable communities. The best way to increase personal sustainability is to learn directly from successes, and to work with experienced planners to design a personalised action plan.

“The Sustainable Living Expedition combines expert demonstrations and workshops to create customised plans, and resource sharing to ensure each guest leaves with the knowledge they need and are empowered to apply it.”

sustainable learning adventure

Diamante Valley Solution Centre

The Diamante Valley Solution Centre is surrounded by some of the world’s greatest biodiversity as well as being located close to many other organisations that are working to co-create community, food, education, and economic systems in harmony with nature.

Organic food, reforestation, community development, permaculture and conservation projects are everywhere in this part of Costa Rica.

A community said to be as diverse as the surrounding natural environment, is working to contribute to a global culture based on ecologically and socially harmonious values. This includes local people and visitors, volunteers, social entrepreneurs and environmentalists.

Upward Spirals

Upward Spirals aims to make it easier for people to live in balance with nature and have set some bold goals for such a small organisation.

They are designing, building, and sharing tools, templates, guides, regenerative business models, project management tools, and knowledge management best practices, and applying them to accelerate society’s transition to a regenerative relationship with nature for the benefit of all life.

Sustainable learning adventure | Amanda's Wanderlust

The mission of the Diamante Valley Solution Centre is to help co-create an ecologically harmonious world through wellness and sustainability education events, developing local sharing economies, supporting organic food systems, and systematically empowering individuals and groups to work to build a regenerative society.

As well as offering sustainable learning adventures, the centre also offers yoga and well-being retreats, and a variety of other opportunities to reconnect with nature in this beautiful region.

Would you consider taking part in a sustainable learning adventure like the Sustainable Living Expedition? What goals would you hope to achieve through the programme?

Sustainable learning adventure | Amanda's Wanderlust

More information about the sustainable learning adventures is available from the Diamante Valley Solution Centre.

More information about visiting Costa Rica is available from Essential Costa Rica.

Photos courtesy of the Diamante Valley Solution Centre.



33 thoughts on “Sustainable Learning Adventure Launch”

  1. This is such a great idea. I did a sustainable travel tour to Brazil in college. I am trying to incorporate more fair trade purchases, and sustainable lifestyle changes into my every day life, but it is hard. I think a getaway like this could really empower me to make the changes when I return to the every day grind.

  2. This would be an interesting experience, but I don’t think I could live there long-term. Generally living harmoniously with nature means not killing spiders. Sometimes those little nasties just gotta go…

  3. This sounds so interesting! I love the idea of understanding where our food comes from, as well as the options for sustainable power.

    1. Totally agree Cass. It is so important to understand where our food comes from, as well as what the impact of its production is for the environment and communities where it is produced. Thanks for your interest.

  4. I’m starting to see more of this and am hoping to participate some day if it doesn’t cost too much 🙂 Living in apartments with little shade makes it hard for me to plant, but I really want a small garden some day. It’s so important to learn how to grow your own food!

  5. Sounds like a great initiative! We are heading to CR in a couple of weeks but unfortunately we are only spending one week in total there. I feel like there is so much more that I could learn and do to be more sustainable. Thanks for sharing!

  6. We subscribe to personal sustainability at home. Even though I live only 10km out of the capital city, we have enough space to have chickens, a fruit orchard (20 trees) and vegies. We compost, use the chicken manure, use rainwater tanks, and do everything we can to avoid waste. If everyone did a little it would make such a difference.

    1. That’s brilliant Kerri. I have chickens and a fruit a couple of fruit trees, a wildlife pond, composting section and so on. But I’d love to have space for a whole orchard. I hope you make some cider with your wonderful fruit trees.

  7. I love this. I try to be as sustainable as I can – especially when I travel – but no matter how much I research I know I could learn more from something like this. Esp since it’s in person and hands-on.

  8. This is a really great project. I try to be as sustainable as possible, but I think I lack a lot of education and that I would greatly benefit from a trip like this. Thanks for sharing this awesome initiative. Which did you think you related to or learned from the most?

  9. My college alternative breaks program has a yearly retreat to Puerto Rico with a focus on sustainable learning. I wish I had time to participate but I truly believe that building sustainable communities is a grassroots movement and only when people begin to feel accountability and take responsibility for their choices will the world become a better place. Thank you for sharing this project with us. I’m sure many people will be inspired to be more cognizant about eco-friendly travel!

  10. Looks like a great initiative! I’d definitely consider taking part in something like this. I think what would be important for me would be that the project truly helps the local community, and that I learn something from it that I can take home with me.

  11. Thanks for the introduction – I would definitely consider taking part in a sustainable learning adventure like the Sustainable Living Expedition. I’ve done wildlife conservation projects in Costa Rica and had a really fulfilling experience, so I would absolutely head back to take on further projects.

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