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Trees for the Earth: Celebrate trees on Earth Day

Today is the 46th annual Earth Day, and this year we are being encouraged to remember that Earth Day is more than just a single day, but a wider call to action. The theme of the campaign in 2016 is Trees for the Earth, with the launch of the most ambitious Earth Day target yet – a plan to plant 7.8 billion trees worldwide.

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Ten reasons I want to visit Antarctica

I am currently in the running to win a trip of a lifetime to the Antarctic, a place I have wanted to experience since I was just a small child. But people keep asking me why I want to visit Antarctica.  After all it is cold and inhospitable, and involves a long and often difficult journey by sea. 

So I have put together my top 10 reasons to want to visit Antarctica and I have everything crossed that you (my wonderful readers) will help me get there by voting for me in the Oceanwide Expeditions Antarctic Contest.

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Discover Wild Woodgas Stoves

Regular readers will know that I do a lot of camping, especially in the summer when it’s festival season in the UK. I also enjoy nothing better than a good cook up outdoors, and last summer I was introduced to a different style of cooking equipment that has now become an essential part of my camping kit – woodgas stoves…

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